Letter from Chief Executive Officer

Education systems are designed to be suitable for the environment in each country, and each generation is different.  The education system in Thailand has progressed and changed since Ratanagosin period.   The progress came as missionaries and priests brought advancement and modern vision.

During the reign of King Rama 5, foreigners came to colonialize countries in Southeast Asia, putting pressure on local people to interact with new technology and science.  It required change to the management and organize the system to build unity and help survive in the future.  These factors helped reform the policy of the Country’s system.  Huge changes were needed as departments of the government were formed to manage the country.  This included the establishment of the Ministry of Religion (Ministry of Education) in 1892 and continued with future developments.  If you look at the evolution of Thai education from 1892-2010, you will see it is very long, more than 100 years.

When we talk about the management and organization of the most efficient education system, we must start from the beginning, basic educational foundations. The purpose of this is to make good citizens who benefit their own country.  Most countries in the world use 12 years to set this foundation, including Thailand.  If we look back in the past, from the beginning of education, it was separated into different levels, grade 1-4 and grade 5-12.  This was changed to grade 1-7 and grade 8-12, and then it was changed again to grade 1-6 and grade 7-12.  In 1999 the education system was reformed, and it was agreed that basic education must be upgraded to international standards.  It was divided into four sections, elementary grade 1-3 and grade 4-6, junior high school grade 7-9, and high school grade 10-12.  To be effective, each section should have distinct academic standard checks of knowledge, not scaled by the teacher but according to average standards.  An Independent Body should be the standard judge instead.  Today the Ordinary National Educational Test (O-NET) is used to evaluate and scale the education of Thai students.

A main concern is that the Ordinary National Educational Test scores point average including all Thai students is under 50%. We must look at this problem from its root all the way through in considering the quality of education of Thai students. As you know, education is a basic, important tool used in every country in the world to develop people and lead to develop society and country.

According to the royal thoughts of the King in his speech on the meaning of education on July 22, 1987, “Education is important to the development of knowledge, thought, behavior, attitude, integrity of the individual to provide good quality citizens and high capability.  This will cause the country to develop rapidly and effectively.”

Lastly, I want to invite all Thai people, everyone, to consider advancing in education because it is important to the country.  It cannot only be one institution, but it must be a cooperation of many institutions to help solve the problem and achieve these goals.  Top Test Center highly hopes to be a part of this cooperation, inviting all students, who are valuable resources and meaningful to the country, to consider education more.

Mr. Surachai Raksombat

Chief Executive Officer

Introduction to Top Test

Name of Organization:  Top Test Center, which means the center of the highest test


“Education is Growth”

Progression in noble growth and development in 5 things, which means excellence in civilization growth through 5 areas:

  1. Growth in faith, growing in beliefs and confidence to do good deeds.
  2. Growth in good conduct and morals, growing in good behavior and ethics
  3. Growth in learning means growing in your search of knowledge for wisdom and applying knowledge to develop and improve your life.
  4. Growth in benevolence means growing in generosity and brotherly love, being content helping others.
  5. Growth in wisdom, growing in wisdom to solve problems and to organize activities to gain the best result.


Top Test Center is a resource that gathers academic information from philosophers who have high morals and wisdom.


Top Test Center’s philosophy is to help develop the potential and be a resource of knowledge to the emerging generation of Thai people.  Our passion is to see young Thai people grow to achieve a high quality of life within society and for this high level of education to spread to all regions of the country.


  1. To measure the level of academic knowledge of students in all regions of the country to know their potential and how to further develop their academic knowledge.
  2. To give educational opportunity to students with potential through scholarships so that they can compete to get further scholarships.
  3. To establish programs and educational services to promote lifelong learning.
  4. To be a center for all students, teachers, and parents to exchange knowledge and ideas in order to help creative Thai education.
  5. To be a center that promotes government and private organizations to establish educational activities for Thai students.


Top Test Center desires to be the leader of academic knowledge testing capabilities for Thai students.


The academic cap symbolizes a person who has knowledge and wisdom.  The purpose of this organization is to lead students to achieve the future.

The symbol of the color of the organization:

Blue and white

Blue stands for leadership.

White stands for hope.

History of Top Test Center

Established: August 6, 2001

Address:  175 Moo 8  Ramkhamhang 2 Road  Dokmai  Prawet,  Bangkok 10250

Website: http://www.toptestcenter.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TOPTESTCENTER

e-mail address : ttc.toptestcenter@gmail.com


Because of the condition of society, economics, progress of science, technological advancements, expanse of Thai society in economics, and global economics along with high social competition for advancement, people need more knowledge and capabilities.  Because of these influences, inventions and research are needed to help develop the country to global standards.  No one can deny that education is very important to develop a country and to advance the population to be efficient.  Recently Thailand has realized the importance of education so acts of legislation have worked to reform the education system to improve it for all Thai students to have knowledge and grow to be a strong force to develop the country in the future.

Top Test Center Company, United was established on August 6, 2001.  University students, professors from famous institutes, and people with experience in education cooperated to create activities to benefit educational progress.  They wanted to push Thai students forward to acquire more knowledge and academic capabilities.  Top Test Center emphasizes activities and arranges tests of abilities focused on academic knowledge for students in all parts of Thailand.  They assess abilities in academic areas to find strengths and weaknesses so weak subjects may be strengthened in preparation for competitive examinations.

Top Test Centers’ employees include business administrators, economic professors, and people who come from various professions.  They have qualifications from every level, Doctor Degrees, Master Degrees, and Bachelor degrees.  In the past they have produced results by setting up a test project to determine the capabilities of academic knowledge for all students in Thailand using the permanent point work system, examination standards, and accurate evaluation.  These factors have caused Top Test center to be trustworthy among schools and students since 2001.  Affiliated schools from all over the country support the test project.  The field test has been administered at more than 2,000 schools.  Many students have participated in this project; each year more than 200,000 test sheets are administered.

Honors of the Top Test Center

In 2003, Dr. Adisai Potharamik, the minister of Education, assigned Mr. Apichat Jirawut, Administrative Assistant of the Ministry of Education Officer at the Office of the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education, to be the chairman of the scholarship ceremony to give the trophy of honor.

In 2003, Top Test Center received the honor to set up and participate in activities for the English camp, “English for Excellence,” with the English Department of the Faculty of Arts from Chulalongkorn University.  Junior high and high school students from all over Thailand were able to participate in the activities at Phutawan Resort in Pakchong District, Nakornratchasrima Provence.

In 2006, Associate Dr. Professor Waraporn Samgoset, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education assigned Mrs. Suni Saraniwijaikitjagarn, expert in development in the course of communication and technology learning in the Office of the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education, to be the chairman of the scholarship ceremony to give the trophy of honor.

2007-present, Top Test Center received the honor to make a morals book, Video CD, and website to expand the teaching of Buddhists at the Buddhist national park in Pakeong cave temple at Tambon Naimoung, Wiangaow District, Khon Kean Provence to people everywhere.  For more information, see the website:  http://www.facebook.com/pakeong.org

2010-present, Top Test Center received the honor to be a member of “Caravan for bringing education to the home village of young people” which provides support for programs and activities that help poor students and schools in distant areas.

You can see the activities at facebook : คาราวาน เพื่อน้องสู่ท้องถิ่น